Romanian-Korean Study Center

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Official Opening of the Romanian – Korean Studies Center


On Tuesday, the 16th of April 2013, took place the ceremony of signing the collaboration protocol between the Open Bridge Consortium Association and the Romanian – Korean Studies Center from the Romanian – American University. The event was attended by Mr. Octavian Gagiu, Vicepresident of the Open Bridge Consortium Association, Ph.D. Ovidiu Folcut, Rector of the Romanian – American University, Professor Ha Young Sun, Ms. Raluca Dumintrana and Mr. Ho Young Song form Open Bridge Consortium Association. As well, among the participants were Associate Professor Dr. Mihai Sebea, Director of the International Relations Department, Mr. Serban Georgescu, Director of the Department of Asian Studies and also Professors Jan Duggar and Mary Helen Duggar from the Holy Family University (Florida, USA), Professor Kaloyan Kostadinov (International University College, Bulgaria), Professor Anna Hnatyszyn-Dzikowska (Stanisław Staszic State School of Higher Vocational Education in Piła, Poland), Professor Anna Michalska (University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, Poland), Professor Marianna Machata (University of Obuda, Hungary). In the same day the official opening of the Romanian – Korean Studies Center from the Romanian – American University was celebrated, event marked by a workshop of korean food.