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Posted: April 4, 2021
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It’s been two weeks already since BigHit announced the rebranding of the company and its new name. On 19 March 2021, on the YouTube channel HYBE LABELS, the company presentation video was posted and drew a lot of attention.

In this video, Bang Si-Hyuk, the chairman and CEO, along with Lenzo Yoon (Global CEO) and Jiwon Park (HQ CEO) presented all the information about the new company. The video can be watched on this link:

Wandering why they thought of changing the company’s name? Bang Si-Hyuk explained: “What we think of as variation of music is that of the infinite realm, and I think the name BigHit Entertainment cannot fully capture this concept.”

Why "HYBE"?

Although HYBE is not an acronyme, it has a deep and flexible meaning. The new company name, HYBE, “symbolizes connection, expansion and relationships.”

In their video, some of the most important details were presented, such as the company logo, the vision of the new company’s building and, maybe, the new location of the HYBE Corporation.

Because many fans were curious about what will happen to the old name, which made a reputation over time, Bang Si-Hyuk specified that BigHit Entertainment will live on as “BigHit Music” into the bigger vessel, HYBE.

Speaking of the HYBE Corporation, in the follow image you can see the structure of the  company.

HYBE Corporation Structure
HYBE Corporation Structure

HYBE is made up of HYBE HQ and HYBE America. Business wise, it is made up of Labels, Solutions and Platforms. Each one of them consists of more departments ( see the image above).

As many of you may think now, I was also wondering where the new building will be located, since I would like to visit it someday. They haven’t said if the new building is finished or the exact location of the HYBE, but, as presented in the video, we can guess the new location of HYBE is in Seoul, somewhere near the Han River, possibly in Yongsan-Gu (see the image below).

Possible HYBE location
Possible HYBE location

I expect the new company to be the same as BigHit, because their values continue to live within HYBE. Let’s support HYBE and the artists represented by the company.


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