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Posted: February 18, 2021
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How did the DTS trend start?

Ducktan Sonyeondan: DTS
On January 6, 2021, it snowed in Korea, and many Korean idols posted pictures in the snow to show their love for their fans. There were a lot of snow creatures amongst them, but the most popular were the ducklings. On January 6 and 7, snow ducks could be seen all over Seoul.

Kim Namjoon (RM) from BTS posted on Weverse and on Twitter pictures of 7 ducklings made out of snow. Namjoon called them DTS (Ducktan Sonyeondan), representing the 7 members of the band BTS. Namjoon said in the description that he waited a year to be able to make these ducklings.

DTS : Ducktan Sonyeondan, little snow ducklings created by RM of BTS

On January 8, 2021, RM posted an update about Ducktan Sonyeondan, with the description “DTS recently…”

RM post on Weverse, the seven ducks  DTS have melted Ducktan Sonyeondan
RM post on Weverse: DTS recently...

Ducks all over the world

After this post, BTS fans created a trending on Twitter with "RIP DTS", which probably led most fans to post pictures of their own snow ducks.

Fans immediately looked for the way RM made those ducklings, proving to be a toy (duck snowball maker). Pictures of DTS from an impressive number of countries have been uploaded to social networking sites. Fans thus showed their appreciation for BTS.

Things were no different in Romania either. Although I didn't notice many pictures with DTS recently, I also posted a picture with the 7 snow ducks I made. ARMY from Romania, and not only, showed their appreciation. Among the comments was "DTS WORLD TOUR", which accentuates the longing of fans for BTS concerts.

DTS in Romania. at Dichiu Peak
DTS in Romania, Dichiu Peak

Comments on the Facebook post of DTS in Romania
Comments on DTS in Romania post on Facebook

The lesson: Everywhere in the world, the love for music exists and creates beautiful things. Culture unites us. It was enough for one of the BTS members to post these ducklings for ARMY from all over the world to express their joy and appreciation.

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