DTS in Romania

DTS : Ducktan Sonyeondan

How did the DTS trend start? Ducktan Sonyeondan: DTSOn January 6, 2021, it snowed in Korea, and many Korean idols ...
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South Korea – The Gaming Universe

While gaming is considered all over the world a mundane chill out activity among teenagers, Koreans take it to the ...
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BTS comeback: Life Goes On

On November 20 (2020) BTS released their new album, entitled "BE". The song "Life Goes On", which is the title ...
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Hanok – The marvel of Korean architecture

© Valentin Stoica It is undeniable that Korean architecture mesmerizes tourists at first glance. Traditional Korean houses (or Hanok in Korean) have ...
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K-drama recommendation: ”Clean with Passion for Now”

"Clean with Passion for Now" is a k-drama suited for the international situation we are currently in. Clean with Passion ...
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